wishes all former American Idol and The Voice contestants success at all they do!

This site is not affiliated with Fox or NBC in anyway beyond enjoying their shows as a fans and music lovers

We don't have the resources yet to catalog every TV talent show in the USA.  "Amerca's Got Talent" and "The X factor will have to wait.  Foreign Versions of Idol, The Voice, and the X Factor aren’t really even on the horizon. 

But, we can meet the challenge part way,  by listing some special performances of special contestants as we find some time.  That seems like a really good idea if people begin discussions about how some other contestant sung the same song as one of The Voice or American Idol contestants.

We’ll try to pay attention to that sort of interest in our discussion threads and after we’ve got our base data more complete we’ll try to add some of the best from the other shows each week.

After all, our real hope is to keep people talking about music and prior contestants’ artistic qualities and careers!

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