2015-03-30 15:05

IdolOrder.com hopes to be a positive place for people to post memories of the big two singing reality shows: American Idol, and The Voice.  Everything here focuses on giving visitors and fans a way to share what they personally appreciate.  

You can "favorite" contestants and see overall results of all users.   You can share thoughts in separate threads for every finalist and every song they performed.  

If you choose to create an account you'll be able to make your own "Top 10" lists to share with others; the ranking you give contestants in links will also factor into site "best ever" lists combining registered users opinions in more specific way.

2015-04-06 12:44

Studios, Owners, give us your past performances online!   There are now ways for you to make money showing them, AND they increase the value and interest of your current shows by giving them the "Gravitas" of history.

Of course Making money for investors (largely normal American’s retirement accounts) is the object of the TV business, but you'll make money from assets that you own that are currently lying dormant! There is advertising revenue to be had from putting official versions of the performances on sites like YouTube.  

Sites like this one sustain interest by indexing and providing means for discussion and expressing opinion with a different patina and enviroment that your own sites designed by committee in a "one size fits all" manner, attactive to only slices of your potential audience.  Why not outsource it in many ways as well as long as you put down standards that assure you'll make money on your "dead" assets?

I could understand if you preferred the performances not be shown "inline" *but even a simple link with a screenshot to your own site would drive traffic there while allowing fan sites to flourish and encourage continued viewership! (*although inline viewing now provides you revenue too, and a large chunk of people will click through to your sited for a full screen version )

The Voice has largely provided official performance videos online this for their more recent seasons and "hats off" to them!  Hopefully some numskull new producer doesn't take the old ones down due to the "not created by me" phenomena.

2015-03-30 17:22

I want to give a special shout out to a few sites that I've visited for idol information all the time over the years

Michael Slezak's American Idol and The Voice Reporting at TV-line.com

MJ Santilli's Entertainment TV Blog at MJSBIGBlog 

VoteFair.org,  a place to vote for american idol with big ideas about improving our political election system

What Not to Sing,  an extrodinarly complete database of all idol performances with collected expert review rating data

IDOLANALYTICS is another full database analyzing things like performance order, gender, pre-voting exposure plus other data

There are many other sties that  have also added to interest in the shows, including the now defunct Vote For the Worst (that actually had pretty good discussion even if a bit snide) ,  many of the big network news sites etc.

The great sites linked above all have a greater focus than IdolOrder.com on one key element: Who Will Win. Al of the sites above do other things too with the first two providing site-operator critiques and discussion sections in a more current manner than IdolOrder.com and the database sites providing far more information, figures and analysis than we hope to.

We're not really interested in who will win here and really the focus of our site is allowing fans of the show to express opinion, preference and observations.  In an important way what fans choose to interact with shows that some performers in particular retain a large fan interest years after the results were announced.  We also hope, that in providing a historical opinion site we're also supporting the artists by keeping or re-invigorating fan interest in the performers themselves on top of the history of the shows.


2015-03-30 16:51

If you're truly interested in the constestants lives or detailed information order of elinations (and sometimes hints of controversy etc) , please visit the great non-profit site, The Wikipedia

Easy Wikipedia links:  American Idol  and The Voice

Idolorder's mission is to make it easy to find a given contestant and discuss their seasons with separates comment sections for each of their performances,  all organized in one place with everything a few clicks away with out using search boxes etc.

We're more about that "editorial" content people create and share both in comments,  and equally importantly, to share their opinions via "favoriting",  list ordering, and linking the "top ten" (or more) lists they make about contestants and performances and seasons to outside sites via the social media links.

We also hope to be a place where people who enjoyed contestants during their seasons can be pointed in the right direction to click on through to sites that list performer schedules,  sell their music indepentantly(usually limiting links like that exclusively to the singers personal websites or their labels).  Everyday people spend lots of time being super fan's for former contestants and I hope this site will make it easier to find those labor's of love on the web.