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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What another Idol Site ?

A: This site trys to be different by focusing on letting people post their opinions of past performances in a way that other people can find and continue conversations.

Q.  Why don't you grade performances ?

A.  Because Michael Slezak and others do that better than I do and because I know I have odd enough opinions to keep them to comment sections rather than acting like my opinion is worthy of a platform of it's own.

Q.  Why don't you update your site immediately after performances ?

A  I don't want to compete with others that do that well like MJ's big blog.   My goal is providing more after the fact reflections and a platform for continued discussion in a different way.

Q.  Why don't you have more information? There is more information at other sites.

A.  People maintaining Wikipedia spend collectively thousands of hours updating that site and I don't think it's fair or right to either take their content or try to achieve a second rate product to what can be accomplished by large groups of people working together.   I donate to the Wikipedia fund each year too.

Q.  There are better databases that include things you don't.. why not copy them ?

A. Again my mission is to provide a place for people to discuss, interpret, and support continued careers of past contestants.   The data is not meant to analyze results in the same way others do well.

Q: What good does the site do?

 I hope it sustains and deepens interest in the shows.  I also hope that through the ease of the comment sections and the high rank contestants with still active fan bases achieve,  people leafing through the site might get re-aquainted with past idols and find their music online to purchase or hear about shows in their area.

Q.  Do you own the pictures ?

A.  The pictures are tiny screen-shot samples of long videos with thousands of frames and in a few rare cases small fragments of large press releases photos.  I kept the resolution and size of the screenshots to only 120px x 120px.   The only purpose of  these small grainy thumbnails is to jog peoples memory to facilliate free exchange of ideas on an artistic topic under fair use guidelines.  I have no exclusive or transferable rights to these tiny screenshots whatsover nor any ownership whatsover in the much larger publically distributed pieces of work from which they were derived.

Q.  How are your votes tabulated ?

A.  I will continue to adjust the formula.  The current formula is 5 votes weight for number 1 on list you create, 4 points for your #2, 3 points for your number 3 and 1.5 points 4 through 7.  Any other contestants ranked lower get 1 point.

Q  How often do you crunch the numbers and update results?  Why not keep them live?

A.  When you "favorite" a contestant that is noted imediately.   Going through all votes cast via the ordered list creates some strain on the web server,  especially as people frequently joggle their votes repeatedly while coming up with a final order.

Q.  Why do you weight things in that strange way?

A.  I could make that a very long answer, which I'll perhaps do for those really interested.  The short answer is that I want to encourage people to show interest in a fair number of contestants without fear of helping secondary contenders to the singer they really love.

Q.  Why does your season ranking system not include all finalists by default ?

A. Again,  I'm trying to keep people from expressing opinions in a punitive way and I hope that what we'll get here is a showing of continued interest in contestants as much as it is a scoring of performances during the season alone.  I try to use the word "favorite" a lot and "best" almost never.

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